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I have just finished reading your book today and found it most enjoyable, especially the Persian stories. It is nice to see the wisdom of your home country brought to the west. The Persian approach to nutrition I have not seen covered anywhere else. You are the man to bring this to the world. And it certainly will be to the benefit of mankind. Your dream of wellness homes is something which should receive international support and with a rising of world consciousness should be an integral part of the future treatment of illness. I look forward to your future books. I must get a copy to send to my spiritual guide Sri Harold Klemp of Eckankar. He has promoted the work of Dr. Batmangelidge in his international talks before, so maybe he might promote the dream of another Persian. It certainly deserves to be. His teaching is similar to that of the great Persian poet Rumi who learned it from the famous Shams-i-Tabriz. My best wishes to you in all your endeavours.

William Dowling

I have just finished reading your excellent book and look forward to your next one! Don't leave us waiting too long. I am very interested in your supplement section and as I am overweight (age 37 & weigh 14.3 and 5'5") (I have lost 1st and 1/2 last year) I was stuck and couldn't budge the scales for a few months but seem to be getting back on track again - I am very interested in CLA but not sure what strength to get - usually buy everything in the local health store. Did a google search and read some scary side effects regarding heart and diabetes - don't have any heart problems or diabetes that I know of.
Keep up the good work!

Mrs. N. H-G Co. Kilkenny

Listened with great interest to your interview on Tipp FM recently and have just bought your book. I have been very interested in the whole subject of water for a long time. I have a lot of Dr Batmanghelidj books etc and I spoke to him on the phone a number of years ago. Have you any further information on super-ionised water and how to get this water. I will be grateful for any help you can be.

Mr. E. O' B Co. Tipperary, Ireland

How are you? Just finished your book, very nice and easy way to educate people about there health habits. I already have started to use one of your advices such as water, sport. I wish you great health and the strength to lead a beautiful life in this New Year. Take carek.

Y. IB, Netherlands